Numesys Ltd.-Nuclear Medical Systems provides services that surpass the simple sale of brand new and remanufactured γ-cameras and provide exceptional after sales coverage of our clients (public hospitals, diagnostic centers and nuclear medicine personnel). With a network of highly trained field service engineers we provide technical and functional solutions which may arise in the field of nuclear diagnostic imaging. Therefore we can support our clients immediately by providing periodic maintenance with original spare parts of the companies we represent.

Our Commitment... the least possible downtime for your nuclear diagnostic needs!

Preventing a problem is always faster and better than correcting it. This simple philosophy is behind all our Service Contracts as they are designed to reduce operational risks and help conduct seamless operations of nuclear medicine diagnosis. This allows you to concentrate on your core business rather than worry about unexpected breakdowns, maintenance costs - inspections and repairs, planning maintenance, and the cost of spare parts.

We Provide:

  • Preventative maintenance
    We take responsibility for the maintenance of your machines according to a predefined plan ensuring that they meet all the performance requirements. We cover all maintenance and repair requirements of your machines with the required parts to offer you the highest levels of performance and uptime.
  • Quality control by NEMA
    We ensure optimal image capture of nuclear medicine systems during the medical examination (uniformity and system resolution, center of rotation, bar phantom etc.).
  • Personnel Training
  • We train users in trouble-free operation of your γ-camera, including acquisition and processing protocols.