Improved Image Quality For the most accurate diagnosis, you need to see an image clearly, free from scatter, attenuation, resolution, motion and other sources of visual interference. Our Mirage workstations uses sophisticated algorithms to provide the clearest picture of your scan. It will simply amaze you how much extra information can be recovered from the same data.

At Segami, we truly care about image quality, after all it is in our name. Mirage workstations extract more information than most people think possible. In addition to all standard practices, Mirage workstations offer 3D iterative reconstruction algorithms, and specialized image restoration filters—significantly improving image quality. Multi-Modality In many clinical applications on the Mirage workstation the total diagnostic value is enhanced by combining the functional images from SPECT or PET with the anatomical images from MR or CT. Quantification The ability to quantitate function is one of the great values of nuclear medicine studies. Segami is on the forefront of developing new capabilities, like right ventricular ejection fractions and normals database comparisons of functional brain studies. Fusion Technologies Image registration combining PET images with CT images is further enhanced with specially designed Fusion software using techniques like mutual information. This software-based system is an attractive alternative to purchasing a scanner that combines PET and CT functions. Clinical Validation Our software is developed in collaboration with major institutions worldwide to assure meaningful and reliable results in all situations. Specific attention has been given to make the software fast and easy to operate by technicians and physicians alike. Remote Review With its unique review capabilities of SPECT and PET studies, Mirage allows remote viewing via modem, ethernet, or the web. High quality displays, excellent hardcopy output on inexpensive media, are some of the hallmarks of this affordable solution Complete Applications Segami provides the latest techniques for the complete spectrum of nuclear medicine. Whatever your specialty may be, there is a Mirage workstation to meet your needs. Our workstations can also be customized for your specific needs. Universal Connectivity No matter what brand or version of scanner you use to acquire your data, Segami offers integrated solutions that allow you to work seamlessly with your existing equipment. Our DICOM server easily establishes multi-modality connections. And for the times you are not on-site, Segami lets you get up close from far away. Diagnosis can be made just as accurately from any remote location.

Our Mirage workstations cover the full spectrum of clinical applications.



Gated Bloodpool (MUGA)

FirstPass Analysis

Shunt Analysis

Myocardial Perfusion SPECT

Gated SPECT Quantitation

Gated Bloodpool SPECT Processing


Talairach Transformation

Image Registration with MR/CT

Basal Ganglia Segmantation

Cortical Quantitation




SPECT Reconstruction and Display

3D Iterantive Reconstructions

3D Displays

Dynamic Analysis


Specialized Image Restoration Filters

Toolbox (macro programming)


Wholebody Displays

Wholebody SPECT Displays

Coincidence Displays






Gastric Emptying


Liver Processing

Gallbladder Processing

Thyroid Uptake

arathyroid Protocol

Lung Quantitation







Mirage Configurations

  • Mirage Acquisition
  • Mirage Processing
  • Mirage Acquisition and Mirage Processing

Shine, an exclusive technology of Segami, dramatically reduces the poisson noise in images without the degradation of contrast or spatial resolution seen using traditional filters. With a clear image in half the acquisition time, SHINE allows you to improve patient comfort and increase efficiency without sacrificing image quality. The following Cardiac SPECT demonstrates the improvements produced by SHINE as compared to the raw image.