The Mirage DST-XLi is a dual head variable-angle imaging system which provides exceptional flexibility and efficiency for all types of nuclear imaging. Configurations include:

  • 180o for single-pass whole-body studies and general tomography
  • 90o for high-efficiency cardiac SPECT and supine or prone spine tomography
  • 75o or 60o for biplane first-pass exams or any angulation you select.

The efficiency of the variable-angle approach in comparison with single, fixed dual, bi-angle, and triple-head systems has been well documented; even gated cardiac SPECT, previously under utilized because of long aquisitions, becomes clinically feasible with variable-angle imaging.

  • Open-gantry Design for Safety, Flexibility and Efficiency.
  • Unique Whole-Body Advantages
  • Powerful Operator Interface
  • The Variable-Angle Choice

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