Mirage DST-XLi

The Mirage DST-XLi is a dual head variable-angle imaging system which provides exceptional flexibility and efficiency for all types of nuclear imaging. Configurations include:

  • 180o for single-pass whole-body studies and general tomography
  • 90o for high-efficiency cardiac SPECT and supine or prone spine tomography
  • 75o or 60o for biplane first-pass exams or any angulation you select.

The efficiency of the variable-angle approach in comparison with single, fixed dual, bi-angle, and triple-head systems has been well documented; even gated cardiac SPECT, previously under utilized because of long aquisitions, becomes clinically feasible with variable-angle imaging.

  • Open-gantry Design for Safety, Flexibility and Efficiency.
  • Unique Whole-Body Advantages
  • Powerful Operator Interface
  • The Variable-Angle Choice

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Mirage DSX

dsx 1

Mirage DSX rectangular is a premium large field digital γ-camera designed for optimal performance fo whole-body and SPECT imaging procedures. Mirage DSX rectangular combines advanced digital detector technology with precision automated mechanical control. Efficient operator interface is facilitated through Mirage system. The system affords maximum efficiency with simultaneous operation of Mirage acquisition and Mirage processing, image display or usb printing functions. Management of patient data and archival is made easy by automated protocols and a simple menu dialogue.

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Mirage DST

The Mirage DST introduces a unique variable-angle detector design that permits its dual heads to be positioned at an angle or parallel to each other. With its two wide field of view detectors (300 X 400 UFOV), it produces high quality images for SPECT, whole-body and general imaging procedures.

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Mirage DS7


The Mirage DS7 is a sophisticated wide FOV, circular digital γ-camera which offers cost-effective performance in SPECT, whole-body, and general-purpose imaging.

With advanced Mirage digital detector technology, the DS7 delivers outstanding images. Digital gantry robotics result in rapid throughput with exceptional precision.

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Improved Image Quality For the most accurate diagnosis, you need to see an image clearly, free from scatter, attenuation, resolution, motion and other sources of visual interference. Our Mirage workstations uses sophisticated algorithms to provide the clearest picture of your scan. It will simply amaze you how much extra information can be recovered from the same data.

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VA SPECT Camera, for general purpose nuclear medicine.

QuantumCam is a “no-nonsense” general-purpose camera with minimal room size requirement. In fact, no other SPECT system in the market has such a small footprint and still full flexibility in detector positioning, offering versatile use for both whole-body procedures, SPECT, Cardiac SPECT and planar imaging procedures.

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Dedicated mobile single-detector system for planar imaging.

Solo is a versatile, cost-efficient and compact gamma camera system designed for use in hospital environments, outpatient clinics or private office settings. Its low-profile detector can be positioned to perform a large range of planar procedures such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multigated cardiac and sentinel node. 

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